The only one solution for all tech company processes

All tools you need for managing an outsourcing or product company are now in one system. Automated, fast, and really convenient

Boost your efficiency with
clever automation system

Clever automation eliminates chaos, unnecessary work and ocassional mistakes. At the same time, helping to systematize and simplify the work of each employee.

Manager, CEO 
Systematization of all data in one place, instant metrics and reports, correct design PNL, and 45 more functions
Accountant, CFO
Automatic invoicing and payroll, inefficient cost control, long-term forecast cash cache, and 132 more functions

Most complete and convenient solution on the market

ITFin was made specifically for tech companies and their needs. That's why it includes all necessary functions, processes, and features.

Time tracking
Why tech companies
choose us
Fast implementation
Our consultants take on most of the work, but access itself is given immediately after the purchase
24x7 Support
After purchase, you will get a personal manager plus round-the-clock support service
Regular updates
We are constantly adding new features and functions that you will receive completely free of charge
More then 150 integrations
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No more difficulties from using multiple solutions

ITFin contains all necessary functions for managing company, so third-party services are simply not needed.


No excess features, but
a lot of necessary one

Our system has specific functionality for outsourcing and product companies, which is almost non-existent in others


No more extra work with our ready-made solutions

Based on work with dozens of companies, we have already compiled the most effective templates for tech processes

The best solution for
fast-growing companies

80% of companies use outdated or self-developed systems. Therefore, they have difficulties with many processes that we have already successfully automated

Process automation;
Cash flow forecasting
Distribution of personnel by projects;
Making managerial decisions
Formation of management reports
Management of engineers without projects
How the implementation process looks like
The whole process takes from 40 hours, our consultants take on most of the work, and the access itself is given immediately after purchase.
Set goals
We define key needs, goals and clear metrics, then draw up a project roadmap
Setting up
Сreate structure of organization and processes in the system, and integrate external services
Transferring data
Help with data transfer and setting up access levels for employees
Train users
We train managers and employees on how to speed up and simplify their work
Initially, we developed ITFin as a system for the tasks of our own outsourcing company. That is why we tried to make it as complete, automated, and simply convenient as possible. After several years of testing and improvement, we have turned it into a separate product that helps tech companies reduce costs and accelerate growth.
Vitalii Savchuk
Founder of ITFin
Frequently asked Questions
We have answers to all your questions, however silly it may sound.

Can i try before i buy? 

Sure, you can sign up for free demo, and then get 30 days trial period. After your trial ends we will keep your installation data for 90 days before deleting it.

Can you customize ITFin for my company? 

We customize the system individually for each company, but even if you need to develop functions specifically for you, we can do that too.

Is data in ITFin secure?

Yes, we pay great attention to data security, which is why we store it on Amazon servers in Switzerland. You also have the option to store the system on your own servers

Do you help build business processes?

We have extensive experience in building processes in tech companies and many ready-made templates, so our consultants can also take on this task.

Can i install the system on my own server? 

Yes. You can use our servers in US and Switzerland or install ITFin on the server or Data Center of your choice.

Does ITFin work better for small or large companies? 

ITFin works equally well in the сorporate environment and in small companies. We have clients with only few employees, and with hudreds of them.

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